We are well aware that there are many open-source projects and productivity companies that will claim to provide the same digital clone, and we have zero doubt with the advances in technology, new designs will appear almost indistinguishable to you . We have no intentions of competing with that market. We do not want a large language model that apes and regurgitates your words. We do not want to build another metaverse and game with zero real life users.

The problem that remains to be solved is these LLMs have yet to produce an interactive agent that can work as well as a human. Models cannot perform tasks they are not designed for. One models with plug-ins trained to read screenshots cannot neither be used to book rides for you on Grab, Uber nor reply an email seamlessly with unsaid context and different UI. We intend to push forward the development and field of research of Agents.

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Use Cases

We aim to lead and pave the way for the world in research and development on AI agents. If the physical world was to end tomorrow, we would like there to still remain an EXACT digital copy of you and everybody else to continue living in our take on the metaverse. To continue to learn, reflect, grow, love and evolve. We would be able to live forever.

In a thousand years, if there is a copy of you talking to a copy of us, then we will have succeeded.